The Voiles Wedding!!!

(i just love the candid shot of Melissa cutting her mom's bangs. it made me giggle. too cute!)
Matt surprised Melissa with some beautiful roses.
I love shots of mothers and their daughters, helping each other get ready. :o)
I love Melissa's mom's expression in the top photo.
Melissa was so beautiful. She reminded me of Cinderella. Stunning.
My beautiful sister-in-law Mandy on the left.
2 of the gorgeous Toman girls in the bottom left photo. We have had the pleasure of working with their family numerous times.
And the handsome father Toman, Mark in the top photo. :o)
Robbie's brother Chad and his son Breckin on the left. I adore the photo of Melissa with her sister and dad in the limo on the right.
Ok. I am in love with this photo. My two darling nephews Brodie and Breckin. :o) LOL They were a little bored during the ceremony.
Such a great wedding party.
The farm in the bottom photo used to be Melissa's grandparents farm. It just happened to be in the distance at the location we were at, so Melissa wanted to include it in a photo.
Melissa's parents own a local bar/grill and the entire wedding party and many of the guests stopped in for a quick drink prior to the reception. It was PACKED but oh so fun.
Matt decided to pop open a bottle of champagne to celebrate. This little montage of photos cracks me up. The cork ended up breaking the light in the ceiling. All of the different expressions made me smile.
Robbie and his brother Chad in the right hand photo.
It is a tradition up North, to get up on the bar with your wedding party and drink a beer.
No babies became drunk in the making of the top photo. This baby was teething, and I just happened to catch her as soon as she did this. :o)
Matt & Melissa did an awesome job with their reception decor. They actually made the seating area themselves. And of course I just love the huge photo they had printed from the engagement session we had with them.
Melissa's mom catered their wedding with TONS of amazing food. Robbie and I were so impressed. It was some of the most creative and yummy wedding food we have ever had. We were stuffed.
Melissa made all of the cheesecakes for their wedding dessert. It was so good.
This was a very "kid-friendly" wedding. Photobooth, Playground on site, Cookies. The kids had as much fun as the adults.
Ok. So maybe the adult men had the most fun. LOL This had me cracking up.
Sexy Lance in the top right photo. I saw him sitting like that and had to capture it. We shot his wedding last year. :o)
I loved these. Another former groom that we worked with is in this shot. Mr. Steyer, in the blue shirt. Actually, his wedding was the 2nd wedding we ever did.
Another little collection of photos that made me smile. this cute couple is getting married this year and we have the honor of shooting their big day! :o) Can't wait guys!!
Another previous Look Here Client in the top right photo, The Winner's!
How sweet is that couple on the left? I totally laid down on the ground in my cute dress for the shot on the right. It was worth it.
Towards the end of the night, they had a salsa bar for everyone to munch on. It was such a unique idea, and it was so good!!
At the end of the night, they had a group hug/dance. It was such a fun way to end the amazing day.

Matt & Melissa - THANK YOU. The day ran smooth, the food was AWESOME, everyone had such a great time...a perfect wedding. We were so excited about this wedding, and it totally lived up to those expectations. You guys planned a wonderful day. We hope all of the images helped to capture the love, fun, and memories.
:o) A


Kelly Todd March 3, 2010 at 11:19 AM  

That looked like such a fun wedding!! Fantastic shots :)

.E. March 9, 2010 at 6:50 AM  

uhh WOW.. these are all amazing you really did a great job capturing the whole day.. I love the shots of the bride by the old building with the blue flowers and those ties on those little boys.. LOVE THOSE.. you guys really did such a great job.

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