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Our good friends, Ryan and Denise, were in town a few weeks ago with their adorable little guy, Mr. Oliver. This was the first time we had a chance to meet Oliver in person, even though we have watched him grow-up via Facebook.

Ryan has been a friend of ours for years. The first time I met Ryan, he was singing in my garage with my older brother's band. I was in the 8th grade I think? I remember I made him mint tea because his throat hurt from the 5 hundred times they made him sing the song Glycerine, by Bush. ;)

A few years after that, he became Rob's roommate. They lived together and I was always at their house hanging out. LOTS of funny memories came from that time in our life. Then, Ryan and Rob were in a band together - this time, no Glycerine.

And finally, Ryan married us on our wedding day. We couldn't think of anyone better - and we were so thankful he said yes. I don't know how many times during the ceremony, I would look up to see a huge Ryan grin on his face - and it calmed my nerves and made me smile.

Then there is Denise - who I have become friends with basically via the Internet due to the distance between us. We realized we had quite a bit in common - a love for graphic design, reading lots of blogs, and photographing our families way too much. ;) Oh, she is also a sweetheart...

Denise is also a photographer (a very talented one at that) and we decided to swap photo sessions when they were in town visiting. I am so glad we did. Denise captured images of my family that I will truly treasure. Little snippets of our life at this time, which has been pretty darn hectic - but also, pretty darn amazing.

I hope Denise, Ryan, and little Olvier feel the same way about the images we took of them. Oliver is at such a fun stage - the never wants to sit still not even for a second - stage. ;) I really do love this age. Totally spontaneous and full of energy. I know Ryan and Denise were chasing him around the entire time they were home - and loving every minute of it. It made me smile.

We love you guys and can't wait to see you again.
Amber and Rob

a b c d e f g This last set of images - they literally made me laugh out loud. They were all captured in about 20 seconds and they had to be viewed as a sequence. Oliver kept pulling Ryan's hair and as you can see, it hurt. Obviously, Ryan and Denise are our friends - and we know they won't hate us forever for posting these images. If it were a regular client, I wouldn't put them through this embarrassment, but Ryan - you can take it. This CRACKS me up. You can tell by Oliver's face in the last shot - he TOTALLY knew what he was doing....LOL - love ya! ;) blog2


Denise Weaver May 29, 2012 at 9:18 AM  

I absolutely love theses images! I already commented on Facebook but I thought I'd tell you here too! These photographs are an absolute treasure! I can't wait to hang them on the walls of our home! You'll be a part of the Weaver family memories forever! We love you! I still crack up when I look at some of these images! Oliver loved you and you guys just clicked. I love these! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!

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