Cody + Megan = cousins and seniors.

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Megan and Cody are cousins and decided to hold their senior sessions together. It was something new for me and was actually a lot of fun. Guys and girls are so different and it was great having both to work with at the same time. When working with Megan, I might get an idea in my head for Cody and vice versa. Good stuff.

These photos have been done and presented to the client FOREVER ago (as you can tell by the warm weather in these photos), and I am just now getting around to sharing them with internet land. Our wedding / honeymoon and wedding season has kind of put us behind on the whole sharing our work thing, but we hope to catch up very soon.

Speaking of sharing with internet land...our website is ALMOST DONE. I tell you, I have been working on a website for us for almost 3 years. Everytime I get going on it, we get busy and it gets put on the back burner. I will be sure to let everyone know when we go LIVE with it. I can't wait!

Stay safe out there local blog-readers...it is NASTY outside! Lots o' snow. Where was our snow at Christmas time?!

:o) A


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- Capturing moments forever
- Whether it is for their own family, or others

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