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what do you do when your client locks her keys to her car in her trunk with all of her clothes for the session?... You laugh. :o) Poor Amy.

we were only about 10 minutes into the session and she asked Mark where the keys were..."ummm, i thought you had them."

Luckily, her grandparents saved the day by bringing her an extra pair of keys... but they didn't open her trunk. so, her boyfriend saved the day by ripping out the backseat of her car so the session could go on.

that is right. ripped out the darn backseat.

cracked me up.

but hey, it was worth it. we had a great time. Amy wants to be a photographer when she "grows up". So, I was super flattered when she asked me to take her senior photos for her. I wish her the best of luck, I'm sure she will do great. Thank you Amy and Mark for a wonderful day. RIP backseat.

:o) A


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- Husband & Wife photography team
- Friends since high school
- Proud parents to Phoenix (a 11 yr. old weeman)
- Born in Greenville
- Amber is 31
- Rob is 32
- Both love music
- Both love coffee
- Rob takes his black
- Amber takes lots of sugar / cream
- Rob is obsessed w/ movies
- Amber is obsessed with scrapbooking and graphic design
- Rob plays guitar & drums
- Amber likes to sing
- Rob writes screenplays
- Amber writes journals
- They both adore photography
- Telling stories through still frames
- Capturing moments forever
- Whether it is for their own family, or others

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